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Musselman Designs

Your Needs

Initial Questions You May Have

  • Cost
    How much will it cost? Well, it depends on how big the project is and how long I think it will take me. If you give me specifics about what you're looking for, I can give you a better quote. I'm sure we can work out a budget that will keep you in the green and make your web presence known.
  • Hosting
    No clue about hosting? It's okay. We've all been there. I can hold your hand through the entire process. I can even do all the dirty work with registering and setting up hosting for you.
  • Time
    How long will it take? It also depends on what you're looking for. The bigger projects usually take longer. When we sit down and discuss your site, the more details you have ready the better. You've made the right decision in going with me because I am efficient and very good at what I do best.
  • Visibility
    Once the website is set up, how can it get visitors? I can help you with some connecting. For example, I can set up a Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts for you to grow your connections and connect with customers. I can also use the power of Google Analytics to really see who views your site and when. I will use the reports I gather and ideas you have to make your website more visible and more popular.

Initial Questions I Have For You

Before you decide on taking the step in creating your dream website, there are a few questions I will initially ask in order to gain a better picture of what you're looking for. These questions are:

  • Existing Website
    Do you already have a website? If this question is yes, you're still at the right place! I can help you implement and redesign a new, snazzy site. Even if you're just looking for some little enhancements, I'm your developer! All I'd need from you are some ideas and thoughts about what you want.
  • Site Registered/Hosting In Place
    Do you have a domain and/or hosting already set up? Perfect. I can start work right away at your dream site.
  • Maintain Content
    Are you looking to maintain your own content? Excellent. There are free (yes FREE) content management systems out there that I can set up and configure so you can do just that. You wouldn't need to pay me or the boy up the street to make easy updates to your website for you... You can do it! Even if you're not looking for this kind of thing, I can make a static website (much like this one) that I can maintain for you, no problems.
  • Look Of Your Site
    Do you have that awesome website pictured in your mind? Perfect. Even if you give me a sketch of what you'd like your website to look like on a cocktail napkin, I can quickly code away and have it looking just like you imagined.
  • Graphics And Content Ready
    Have any ideas about your new content and or graphics? The more stuff you have ready, the better and faster. If you don't have content, no worries. I'm sure if you and I put our heads together we can come up with something awesome. Also, if you need stock photos for your website, not an issue. I can easily grab photos from my personal collection, or take some with my Cannon G12 camera.

Your Site's Software Development Lifecycle

  • Requirements
    Let's plan! First, we need to gather some requirements in what you're looking for. We will establish an analysis of scope and functionality. You should have some rough ideas of what you want your website to do and what you want it to look like.
  • Design
    Ready to brainstorm! Next, we should take your website objectives, content, and the look and get more specific. Any website you like the look of? Without stealing the design, I can make your website resemble that look but with your personal touch. If you have an image or drawing, here's when to really show your cards. It's in this step I can better give you an exact quote on cost and time.
  • Implementation
    I'm going for it! I will begin developing your website. I will keep you abreast of all progress that is made so you can watch your website blossom. I will start first with the layout of the site and individual pages. I will need most if not all your content and images you'd like your website to have. I can create banners, intros, color schemes, and even some content, if you don't have any.
  • Verification
    Here it is! Since I will be checking with you every step of the way, this step should be a breeze. Any last minute changes, content and images you want to add; now is the time. Once you fall in love with it, it will be deployed. I will also begin getting your name out there via Google, Facebook, etc. if you'd like.
  • Maintenance
    Keep it up to date! In this final step, which never really ends until the website dies, your website will be managed. I can make any changes you need, whether they are in the content, swapping out an image, changing the color scheme, etc. This step is of utmost importance because it keeps your customers coming back. I can also give you reports, if you'd like to keep you informed of your users and statistics.